Security Inks

Our COPIMARK and RUB & REVEAL technologies provide proprietary document authentication systems that are useful to businesses desiring to authenticate a wide variety of printed materials and products. Our COPIMARK system enables businesses to print invisibly on certain areas of a document. When authentication of certain documents is required, the invisible printing can be activated or revealed by use of a special highlighter pen. Other variations of the COPIMARK technology involve multiple color responses from a common pen, visible marks of one color that turn another color with the pen or visible and invisible marks that turn into a multicolored image. Our RUB & REVEAL system permits the invisible printing of an authenticating symbol or code that can be revealed by rubbing a fingernail over the printed area.

Both technologies provide users with the ability to authenticate documents and detect counterfeit documents. Applications include the authentication of documents having intrinsic value, such as merchandise receipts, checks, travelers’ checks, gift certificates and event tickets, and the authentication of product labeling and packaging. When applied to product labels and packaging, our systems allow detection of counterfeit products, the labels and packaging of which would not contain the authenticating marks invisibly printed on the packaging or labels of the legitimate product.

Our marketing efforts for these technologies are focused on specific industries we believe may be affected by product counterfeiting. These technologies also combat product diversion (i.e. sale of legitimate products through unauthorized distribution channels or in unauthorized markets). Another of our related technologies, our invisible inkjet technology, permits manufacturers and distributors to track the movement of products from production to ultimate consumption when coupled with proprietary software.