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We are committed to an ongoing program of product and technology development. We have developed secure ink technologies to protect products, documents, and information. We have developed and market overt and covert ink technologies. Our patented Overt Ink Solutions include Rub & Reveal Ink, a simple and effective way to instantly authenticate a document. A distinct and instant color change tells you that the document is an original and not a counterfeit. Our Covert Ink Systems protect products from counterfeiters and diverters through an invisible printing of data like tracking numbers or barcodes on the product/ product packaging. Our invisible printing technology falls under our CopiMark inks, which are totally invisible under light, UV or otherwise until activated with a special chemical.

We have also developed specialty reactive ink technologies with applications for products in the Educational and Toy Markets. The current application of these technologies is named Rub-it & Color. It consists of special patented inks that will result in a large variety of colors, when activated through rubbing with fingers or a firm object. Our Rub-it & Color technology has been licensed to a proven children’s book and activity kit publisher and has been in retail stores nationwide since January 1, 2007 under the name Rub-n-Color™.

We actively pursue new ink technologies with our constant Research & Development efforts to effectively provide additional products that provide fun to children of all ages and for the security market.

Click to view the examples of our technologies that follow on this page.

CopiMark animation

Rub & Reveal
Rub & Reveal animation

Rub-it & Color
Rub-it & Color animation

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