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  NEW! Rub & Color Placemats
Mess Free and Fun

Rub & Color paper-based placemats are not only fun but
they’re mess free. No need to stock crayons or markers because Rub and Color placemats don’t need any. Simply rub or scratch over the pictures and watch as vibrant colors magically appear. Rub & Color placemats can be customized with pictures, games, logos or any graphic you may want.

Old fashioned paper placemats that use crayons or markers can cause a real mess throughout your establishment. If the crayons are reused, they can cause a health hazard, harboring germs, food, and other potential problems for children and adults. Clean up your tables, decrease health risks, and entertain your customers with Nocopi’s new Rub& Color placemats.

For more information about this revolutionary
product please contact:

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rub a nd color placemats

Rub and Color paper based placemats can be designed with games, pictures, logos or any other message you may want for your guests.


rub and color placemats color
Simply rub or scratch the surface of the placemat to magically reveal vibrant colors without the use of messy crayons, markers or pens.



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