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  Rub-it & Color
All the fun of coloring without all the mess!

Every child loves to color and every parent has a horror story about the cleanup.

Nocopi’s patented, revolutionary, and award-winning Rub-it & Color takes out all the messy stuff related to children’s coloring except the fun. No more crayons ground into the carpet and car upholstery. No more spilled paint on the rug. No more messy markers ruining clothes and furniture. No more worrying about toddlers putting coloring tools in their mouths.

Rub-it & Color ink technology can be used for coloring books, activity kits, play sheets, single use place mats, greeting cards, board games, promotional products, or any other paper-based application that’s needs some “fun” factor added.

Safe and non-toxic, Rub-it and Color conforms to ASTM D4236 and F-963 and other toxicology tests.

Call Nocopi today about licensing the fun and revolutionary Rub-it & Color. Nocopi’s Rub It and Reveal Technologies offer opportunities for Entertaining Activity Books, Games, Puzzles, Coloring Books, and through other applications, a variety of Diversion Protection Products.

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Rub-it & Color protected by U.S. patent 8,053,494 and patents pending

Crayons and Markers
Coloring fun without the mess.
Worksheet in Color
Turn activity, educational, and game sheets into fun and colorful learning tools.

Colorful Pages are revealed
Rub the black and whites pages to reveal vibrant colors.

Coloring Book
Coloring books can be used anywhere and anytime without the need of messy coloring tools.



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