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Specialty Inks

Patented Rub & Reveal
Simply scratch/rub the printed ink and color change will appear. A special chemical marker can also be applied over the printed ink and color change will appear.

See Rub & Reveal Sell Sheet
Download Rub & Reveal Sell Sheet (PDF)

Patented Reversible Rub & Reveal
A water based ink technology, which will scratch to a color change and reverse back to a colorless state by simply exhaling on the printed ink.

CopiMark WaterMark
A printed ink technology, which will create a watermark when tilted and will change to a color with special chemical marker. An Ultra Violet pigment or dye can also be added to make the watermark fluoresce under black light.

Magnetic Ink
water based or oil based ink which can be detected with an inexpensive hand held magnetic detector.

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