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  Copi Mark
Nocopi’s patented Covert Security Ink

Nocopi’s patented and proven Copi Mark ink system is a totally invisible ink that can be applied by most industrial inkjet printers to boxes, labels and even directly on the product. This means that unique and specific variable information can be applied to each and every unit that passes the inkjet printhead. The ink can also be applied via a pen or stamp based system for low volume opportunities.

There are many “invisible” security inks on the market. Most of these inks can be easily detected by subjecting the ink to Ultra Violet (UV) light. Nocopi’s patented Copi Mark ink can’t be detected by UV (black) lights or any other light source. The secure Copi Mark ink remains invisible until it comes in contact with a specially formulated ink applied by a pen. Copi Mark ink offers two options to develop the image. Option one is to make it visible to the naked eye; option two allows the ink to remain covert but readable under UV light.

Counterfeit, diverted, and stolen products cost U.S. businesses billions of dollars every year. Even when these items get recovered there still remains the problem of trying to figure out issues like authenticity, distribution channels and methods used, or if stolen, from where? Nocopi’s Copi Mark ink can help solve these issues. With the ability to mark your products with detailed information like unique ID numbers, you can identify each unit of production that will allow you to track data like ship date, manufacturing point, and distribution information. Such information is essential for retrieving stolen goods, figuring out where your diversion problem is coming from, and positively identifying the real product from the knock-offs.

If you have problems with protecting your brand, diversion, counterfeits, or recovering stolen merchandise, call Nocopi today and find out how Copi Mark, the most secure, easy to implement, and cost effective ink can help protect your valuable products. You will not have to rely upon the use of Ultraviolet Light, Black Light, or any other light source when your use Copi Mark inks for document protection.

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Inkjet Printer
Ink can be applied using industrial inkjet printers.

Boxes and carton
Copi Mark can be applied to boxes, cartons, or individual products.

CopiMark not visible
Copi Mark ink is invisible and can’t be detected by any light source.

Revealing Image with Pen or UV light
To reveal image, use special Nocopi pens: View with the naked eye or under UV light - your choice.



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